HLTA lunch on Dec 5th 2022, with Our Brand Sweat Heaven

HLTA lunch on Dec 5th 2022, with Our Brand Sweat Heaven

HLTA was an opportunity for Houstonian women business owners to sell and present their products an hour and a half before the HLTA luncheon began.  There were 18 vendor tables that displayed tennis bags, tennis jewellery, cold weather sportswear, baked Christmas desserts and decorations, and therapeutic spa soaks and soaps. 

What is HLTA (Houston Ladies Tennis Association)

The HLTA  is  an organization with over 600 women tennis players and 11 team coordinators. They sponsor charities such as “Serve Up a Cure”  for breast cancer awareness and the “National Junior Tennis and Learning Association “ for financial assistance and volunteering.  HLTA members come together each year in December and announce league winners while being served a decadent meal. The luncheon ballroom served over 500 women an eight-course meal that included two wine bottles at each table and an open bar. League winners were announced. Sweat Heaven’s co-owner and founder, Jacqueline Turner, is a member of HLTA and her team won their league this year.

Proudly Presenting Sweat Heaven’s Vendor Table

Sweat Heaven displayed with a vendor table its “Made in America” and “Eco Friendly”, ultra-absorbent wristbands and sports towels.  Our 30% off holiday discount and free shipping were offered too.  All our products are top of the line when it comes to absorbing your hard-earned sweat! We boast about the moisture absorbency, anti-microbial and odor-resistant properties of bamboo that make up more than 65% of each of our products. In fact, our towels are made with 100 percent bamboo!   You earned your sweat; you deserve the best towels and wristbands.

What Athletes Know And Need In Performance Apparel

Athletes understand performance apparel helps keeping hands dry as you hold a golf club, lift weights, bounce a basketball, hold a tennis racket, and push and pull, and demands a sweatband that can hold up to its dry hands claim.  They also know that the convenience of a superior towel around the neck as you walk or run, or a body towel clipped to your athletic bag isn’t just a luxury, it is a necessity – and it feels good.  The HLTA  members bought wisely from Sweat Heaven!  The most popular products they bought were the 3.5 width wristbands in white, black and turquoise followed by our luxurious 35” by 16”, 100 percent bamboo, double-looped terry, and weaved body towels!

Sweat Heaven Apparel Made A Difference In Becoming HLTA League Winners

The Open Level, Ridgewood Park Orphans team, (Pictured above) celebrated a winning season at the luncheon alongside Sweat Heaven’s co-owner, Jacqueline Turner (In green)  is a member of the team. The HLTA season was a fun and challenging testing ground for the effectiveness of the bamboo wristbands and towels. Members of the team were happy to try out the towels and wristbands when needed and the team ended up on top of their league. The luncheon was a fun way to get together and celebrate the achievements earned as a team. Having shared Sweat Heaven’s products with team members throughout the season made the outcome extra special.

Buy Sweat Heaven Bamboo Fabric Apparel Products

Check out our Bamboo Fabric Body Sport towels, sized 35” Long by 16” Wide with a 2.5” long carabiner. By comparison, they aren’t bulky like a bath towel, and won’t take up space in your athletic bag.  Keep it in your bag or clip it outside. You chose the savings on this Cyber Monday Deal sale!

Our Neck towel features Bamboo fabric, double-looped weaves that retain their cashmere-like softness even after repeated washings. What’s more, Bamboo’s naturally built-in antimicrobial properties, our Neck towel resists sweat odors that are the result of any good workout.

Don’t forget our Wristbands, with our patent pending wicking and absorbing ingenuity. They can breathe while trapping your hard earned sweat. Our superior four layer design of eco friendly, antimicrobial bamboo wicks even more moisture away from your skin. Without a doubt, you get a double, inner layer of breathable, absorbent fleece that traps sweat.


In conclusion, our Bamboo Fabric Body Sports towels, Neck towels, and Wristbands offer unbeatable convenience and superior performance. These eco friendly, antimicrobial products are designed to elevate your workout experience by keeping you comfortable and sweat-absorbent. With the upcoming Cyber Monday Deal sale, there’s no better time to take advantage of Sweat Heaven incredible discounts. Whether you are about to hit the gym, heading to a sports event, or simply looking for high quality and eco friendly accessories to make your workouts more enjoyable, our bamboo-based products are here to meet your needs.

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