Bamboo Products at the Tennis with a Heart Charity Tournament

Bamboo Products at the Tennis with a Heart Charity Tournament

We’re thrilled to share an exciting highlight from the 2022 Beat Play Live. A charity tournament at Kingwood Country Club. Where our co-founder, Jacqueline Rose Turner, and her tennis team had an absolute blast on the court and emerged victorious wearing our bamboo products. Not only was it a day filled with incredible tennis action, but it was also a heartwarming event. It is an event benefiting Texas Children’s Hospital Cancer with Hematology Centers and the American Heart Association.

Tennis with a Heart Charity Tournament

The Tennis with a Heart charity tournament is not a showcase of remarkable athleticism. On the court but a heartfelt try that aims to make a meaningful impact on lives. It benefits two noble causes; Texas Children’s Hospital Cancer and Hematology Centers. And the American Heart Association. This tournament excels the boundaries of sport, bringing the spirit of competition with a genuine commitment to health and well-being. Presented by Ocean Edge Services and TechnipFMC, the tournament brings corporate social responsibility in action. It showcases the power of collaboration for a greater purpose. As participants engage in thrilling matches, each point scored contributes to the collective effort of supporting vital healthcare initiatives. It’s more than tennis; it’s a collective heartbeat resonating for the betterment of lives. And the communities these organizations serve.

Bamboo Fabric on the Tennis Court: The Sweat Heaven Advantage

What made our co-founder’s tennis experience even more extraordinary? They sported Sweat Heaven’s bamboo sweat wristbands and wrapped themselves in the comfort of bamboo body and neck towels. Here’s why bamboo fabric takes the trophy when it comes to enhancing the tennis game:

1. Ultimate Comfort:

  • Soft as a Winning Stroke: Bamboo fabric is renowned for its unparalleled softness. Tennis players, including our co-founder, experienced the comfort. Especially as they played their hearts out.

2. Moisture-Wicking Magic:

  • Stay Dry, Play On: Bamboo’s natural moisture-wicking properties kept our players cool. And dry throughout the tournament, ensuring they remained focused and comfortable.

3. Breathable:

  • Bamboo Breeze: The breathable nature of bamboo fabric allowed for optimal air circulation. It keeps the players feeling cool and refreshed even during intense match moments.

4. Hypoallergenic Advantage:

  • Irritation-Free Play: Bamboo is hypoallergenic, making it the perfect choice for those with sensitive skin. Our co-founder enjoyed irritation-free play, concentrating on the game.

5. Sustainable Style:

  • Eco-Friendly Elegance: Sweat Heaven’s commitment to sustainability shines through in our bamboo products. Tennis players not only experienced luxury but did so with a clear conscience. Especially knowing they were supporting eco-friendly practices.

Special Offer: 40% Off on Sweat Towels and Sweat Wristbands!

Sweat Heaven is excited to offer a Black Friday and Cyber Monday 40% off on our body and neck bamboo towels, plus sweat wristbands. It’s your chance to experience the same comfort and style that contributed to our co-founder’s victory on the tennis court. Imagine wrapping yourself in the softness of bamboo. After an exhilarating match, feeling the gentle caress against your skin. With 40% off on our bamboo products, this isn’t a sale; it’s an investment in your comfort, well-being, and style.

Why Bamboo Towels? The Winning Formula

Our body and neck bamboo towels, along with sweat wristbands, are crafted with precision and care. To ensure you not only look good but feel exceptional. The softness, breathability, and moisture-wicking magic of bamboo fabric played a role in elevating the tennis experience. Especially for our co-founder, and now it’s your turn to embrace this winning formula.

How to Buy Our Products

  1. Visit to explore our bamboo collection.
  2. Select your desired bamboo body and neck sweat towels and wristbands.
  3. At checkout to enjoy an instant 40% discount.
  4. Await the arrival of your bamboo essentials and prepare to experience a new level of comfort.

Embrace the winning combination of tennis and bamboo luxury! Visit and make these bamboo essentials a part of your tennis game. Hurry, the offer awaits you like a perfect serve – swift and unbeatable!


The Tennis with a Heart charity tournament, presented by Ocean Edge Services and TechnipFMC, not only showcased the spirit of players. Instead it also contributed to the causes close to our hearts. The Texas Children’s Hospital Cancer and Hematology Centers and the American Heart Association.

A unique highlight of this victorious journey was the exclusive use of Sweat Heaven’s bamboo sweat wristbands and body and neck sweat towels. Beyond being symbols of style, these bamboo essentials played enhanced the tennis experience. The softness of bamboo fabric, its moisture-wicking power and the breathability it offers became silent allies on the court. Supporting players through each serve and volley. Beyond the competition, the choice of bamboo resonates with sustainability, aligning with Sweat Heaven’s commitment to eco-conscious practices.

On this incredible journey, we invite all tennis enthusiasts to explore the benefits of bamboo fabric. Its comfort, moisture management, and hypoallergenic qualities make it a winning choice for tennis players seeking not victory on the court but an elevated and sustainable playing experience. To celebrate this victorious moment, Sweat Heaven extends an exclusive 40% off on bamboo body and neck sweat towels, plus sweat wristbands—an opportunity to infuse your tennis routine with the luxury that fueled our co-founder’s success.

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