Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

Our story starts with a mother-daughter team demanding more from their athletic
apparel. Sweat Heaven is a Houston-based company founded by a mother-
daughter duo. The two outer layers wick moisture away from the wrist. The two
inner layers absorb the wicked moisture and retain it. All layers can breathe and
resist microbes giving you an odor free wristband that keeps hands dry and the
wrist temperature normal.

Women-Owned Business

As a women-owned business, we embarked on a journey fueled by frustration with
inadequate athletic gear. Rosita and Jacqueline needed a better solution for their
sweaty hands during tennis tournaments, so they created a new type of sweatband
to solve the problem. Through extensive research, we discovered groundbreaking
materials with superior properties compared to the cotton and polyester commonly
used in athletic products.

We crafted custom-made sweatbands using bamboo viscose fabric, which neither
dripped nor emitted any unpleasant odor, remaining incredibly soft to the touch.
Our friends were so impressed with the bamboo that they began inquiring about
towels, and thus Sweat Heaven was born. Sweat Heaven offers high-quality
products that allow you to focus on your performance, not your clothing. We’re
passionate about the benefits of sweating and confident that you’ll love our

Our Tennis Experience

Jacqueline (Payne) Turner

  • US Regional Rankings: Open Level Women’s Singles

Rosita Angelica Torres

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